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How to Protect Your Home’s Flooring During the Holiday Season

decorated living room during christmas

The holiday season is packed with fun opportunities to relax, see friends and family, give and receive gifts, and celebrate. While the holiday season may hold great things in store, your floor may be susceptible to greater damage.

The Holidays are Tough on Your Floors

You may have friends and family visiting you during the holidays, which is always a treat! But more people in your home will cause your floor to receive more traffic, have opportunities for damage, and be exposed to more outdoor elements.

Five Ways to Protect Your Floors During the Holidays

You don’t have to cancel your holiday parties or decline hosting your family this Christmas in order to save your floors. We have five helpful ways to ensure that you can enjoy your holidays while also protecting your flooring!

Ensure That Your Furniture Has Protection

If you are hosting Christmas dinner or entertaining for a holiday get-together, your guests will most likely need to move around chairs. You may even need to arrange furniture to fit the needs of your party. If you have hardwood or tile flooring, you should ensure that your furniture won’t scuff the floor beneath when you are moving and rearranging.

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Best Flooring for Your Commercial Spaces

office space with desk

Whether you have a large restaurant or a small office, choosing flooring for your commercial space takes hours of research and planning. Different areas of your workspace will call for different flooring needs, such as durability or water resistance. We’re here to help you decide which flooring will serve your business best depending on a variety of factors.

How to Pick Flooring for Your Office and Commercial Space

Before we break down the best commercial flooring options, we first need to discuss the different aspects of flooring you need to consider. Just like when you choose to install flooring into your home, you’ll need to consider a few different things before you make your final decision.

Criteria for Floor Selection

  • Room Use: You’ll first need to decide on the different areas of your business that will call for different flooring needs. For example, lobbies will have different needs than a commercial kitchen.
  • Level of Traffic: You should also consider how much traffic these floors will receive. A conference room won’t require as durable of a surface compared to the front waiting room where everyone will have to walk through.

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How to Pick the Right Tile Size for Your Floors

dark tiles

Tile flooring is a popular choice for flooring because it’s built to last and comes in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes to fit your taste. Having so many tile options to choose from can overwhelm homeowners. Between styles, finishes, and sizes, it can be hard to pinpoint the right tile for your home.

Different Sized Tiles for Different Tastes

While we can’t recommend one style of tile over another, we can offer guidance when it comes to which tile size is right for your specific space. We’ve broken it down into two broad classifications of tile sizes: large and small.

Large Tiles

large white marble tiles

Tiles that are 8”x8” or bigger are classified as large floor tiles. These tiles make a big statement in your home and come with added benefits including:

  • Expand a Room: Large tiles actually make your smaller room feel much larger than it actually is. This is because there are fewer grout lines in your floor, therefore visually expanding the room without having to knock down any walls. This is ideal for small bathrooms, powder rooms, foyers, or any other areas that are smaller than your liking.

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Tile Cracking? How to Remedy the Problem

pastel colored tile floor

Tile flooring is an attractive flooring choice in your home because of its aesthetics along with its durability. You may wonder why your durable flooring choice suddenly shows cracks. Before you can fix the problem, you first have to understand why the cracks occurred.

Why Your Tile Floor is Cracking

Your tile floor can last over 50 years with proper care, but it is susceptible to damage from things above and below the floor. We’ve outlined common reasons why your tile floor is cracking.

Heavy Items Delivering Sharp Blows

Many tile cracks occur in your kitchen because of the large appliances you need to cook, clean, and for storage. Appliances like fridges and dishwashers may be heavy, but tile is engineered to withstand their weight because it is evenly distributed in the four corners.

When you are moving appliances, you run the risk of delivering a sharp blow to your tile flooring. These drops cause serious damage to your tile, resulting in cracks and even deep chips. If you are having your appliances removed or installed, be sure that a professional is handling your appliances.

Concrete Cracking Below

concrete floor

Your tile may be perfectly safe on the outside,

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Which Flooring is Best for My Lifestyle?

When it comes time to install flooring, style isn’t the only factor to consider when choosing between options. Your lifestyle largely affects how long your flooring will last and how much upkeep is required to maintain it.

Lifestyle Affects Floor Maintenance

Your floor, arguably, receives the most wear and tear out of all the aspects in your home. Spills, damage, shoe scuffs, and tracked-in dirt threaten the look and functionality of your flooring. Depending on your unique lifestyle habits, you need a floor that can withstand your habits.

Factors that Determine Best Flooring

Before you fall in love with a certain flooring choice, you must consider these factors:

  • Traffic Level: If you constantly have people coming in going in your home, your floors will receive a lot more wear and tear. High traffic areas like the entryway and living room will have a lot of traffic, so it’s best to choose flooring that can take the heightened activity levels.
  • How Often You Entertain: Hosting parties and get-togethers in your home can put a strain on your flooring. Messes are inevitable when more people are invited into your home. If you plan on hosting often,

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The Average Lifespan of Your Flooring

hardwood flooring painted white

It’s only natural that your flooring will wear out over time. Maybe you installed flooring a long time ago or you’ve inherited an older home with flooring you didn’t choose, which begs the question: how do you know when you should replace your floor?

What Determines How Long Your Floor Will Last?

Aside from obvious stains and damage, your floor’s expiration date depends on the material it is made up of. Every material lasts for different lengths of time. However, the material used is just one indicator of how long your floor will hold up. Other factors include:

  • Quality of the material
  • If your flooring was properly installed
  • The amount of traffic that your floor experiences
  • If you are maintaining it regularly

The Lifespan of Common Flooring Materials

The lifespan of materials can’t be exactly predicted. Rather, there’s a range for each type of flooring’s lifespan. If you are properly maintaining your floor and minimizing the amount of damage it’s exposed to, your floor will tend to last longer.


dark brown hardwood floor

Hardwood flooring can last a lifetime,

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Anatomy of Flooring: What Are the Components of Your Floors

When it comes to your floors, there is a lot more than meets the eye. In the same way, when it comes time to remove your flooring, you have to ensure that each layer is properly taken care of to ensure a smooth installation of your new floors.

Every Part of Your Floor Matters

Each of the layers in your flooring matters and has a significant purpose to the stability and function of your floor. If one layer is installed or removed incorrectly, it throws off the entire structure of your floor as well as the overall look. This can lead to more money spent to correct the oversight.

Components of Your Floor

When you look at your floors, you may only think of the one layer that you see. Like the ground you stand on, there are several layers underneath the top one that ensures the stability and function of your floor.


At the very bottom of the layers that make up your floors is what we call joists. Think of these as the bones of your flooring. They are used to frame the layer that will sit upon your home’s foundation.

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Trust the Dustless Experts: Our Top Five Air Purifiers on the Market

gray couch in living room with mirror and lamp

Removing your flooring can create almost one pound of dust per square foot. Fortunately, Speedy Floor Removal knows just how important air quality is. That’s why we use equipment featuring HEPA Certified Air Cleaners to capture dust unseen to the eye during our removal projects.

You can breathe easier knowing that your flooring project isn’t going to adversely affect you, your family, or your employee’s health. But what about after your floor removal project is completed? Customers often ask us how to keep their air clean routinely.

Lifestyle changes can be the beginning to cleaner air. These changes include:

  • Buying a vacuum with HEPA filters and using it often.
  • Using high-quality filters with your HVAC system and changing them regularly.
  • Washing your bedding and pillow cases often.
  • Replacing bed pillows.
  • Removing clutter from your home or office.
  • Avoid wearing outdoor shoes inside your home.
  • Controlling indoor humidity, especially during the brutal Florida summer. The EPA recommends keeping the relative humidity between 30 to 50 percent to inhibit mold growth, dust mites, and cockroaches.

The Benefits of an Air Purifier

For even cleaner air,

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Diary of a Virtually Dustless Floor Removal

Image of a Speedy Floor Removal branded truck and trailer outside a residential home

If you have ever gone through a floor removal or replacement, you know it can traditionally be a grueling process. At Speedy Floor Removal, it’s our job to make your experience with floor removal dust-free and hassle-free! This month, we’re walking you through a dustless floor removal job, from start to finish, so you know exactly what you can expect from our licensed and professional employees.

Our team of professionals arrives on time.

The Speedy Floor Removal team outside their truck ready to get to work.

Punctuality is a given. We will arrive on time at your house or business with all the equipment we need to get the job done, from start to finish. (No need to worry about trucks or machines coming in and out of your neighborhood all day.) Our team is licensed, insured, and highly trained so that you can be certain your floors are in good hands. Our top priority is that you always feel comfortable with us in your home.


We get right to work.

Speedy Floor Removal begins removing tile floor in a children's hospital.

We respect your time and space. Our team always consults with the home or business owners to attend to their needs and requests,

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7 Reasons to Choose Speedy Floor Removal


You have a lot of choices when selecting a floor removal company. Speedy Floor Removal is your number one choice for efficient, reliable, and cost effective floor removal. Not only do we remove your old floor with our state-of-the-art, virtually dustless removal system, we expertly prepare your subfloors for new installation. Speedy Floor Removal is your partner through the whole floor removal process.

#1: No Dust

We have invested thousands of dollars in dustless sub-floor preparation equipment to keep your home or business dust-free.

Did you know that just one square foot of floor removal can produce more than one pound of dust? Our state-of the-art machines suction dust and residue away as they work, making our floor removal process virtually dustless.

Other companies try to mitigate dust with tape and plastic sheeting, but we know from experience that these methods do not adequately contain the copious amounts of potentially dangerous dust created by traditional floor removal processes. This is why our suction machines use HEPA Certified Air Cleaners to capture dust before it spreads around your home or business.

#2: Speed

It’s in our name! Our battery powered, emissions free machines can remove the floors from an entire house or building in just one day.

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