Which Flooring is Best for My Lifestyle?

When it comes time to install flooring, style isn’t the only factor to consider when choosing between options. Your lifestyle largely affects how long your flooring will last and how much upkeep is required to maintain it.

Lifestyle Affects Floor Maintenance

Your floor, arguably, receives the most wear and tear out of all the aspects in your home. Spills, damage, shoe scuffs, and tracked-in dirt threaten the look and functionality of your flooring. Depending on your unique lifestyle habits, you need a floor that can withstand your habits.

Factors that Determine Best Flooring

Before you fall in love with a certain flooring choice, you must consider these factors:

  • Traffic Level: If you constantly have people coming in going in your home, your floors will receive a lot more wear and tear. High traffic areas like the entryway and living room will have a lot of traffic, so it’s best to choose flooring that can take the heightened activity levels.
  • How Often You Entertain: Hosting parties and get-togethers in your home can put a strain on your flooring. Messes are inevitable when more people are invited into your home. If you plan on hosting often, you’ll need a floor that can be cleaned easily.
  • Who Lives in Your Home: Small children and pets affect your flooring choice. The chance of messes is higher and you’ll need a flooring that can keep up with accidents.

Different Flooring For Different Lifestyles

Not all flooring is made for every living situation. Based on the factors mentioned above, you’ll have to rule out flooring options (or deal with a lot of extra work!). We’ve outlined common lifestyles and the best flooring options for each.

Families with Children

Small children require extra attention and the same can be said about the flooring you choose for your home. Babies and toddlers are bound to make messes and require softer flooring, especially those learning to walk. Carpet is a great option for families because of the soft, cushioning material.

If you prefer a floor that is easier to clean, or is a harder surface, opt for tile flooring. This is better for older children and teenagers. You don’t have to splurge on flooring for durability. Vinyl options have the same look and strength as tile flooring without the higher price tag.

Pet Owners

Pets bring a lot of excitement and happiness into your home. But your floor will feel the effects of these animals over time. It’s best to choose a durable and easy-maintenance flooring option such as ceramic tile. Tile is stain resistant and can be cleaned quickly when your dog or cat tracks in dirt from the outdoors.

If you have pets, you should avoid installing hardwood floors because they can be damaged by stains and scratched by pets’ nails. Carpet isn’t a great choice either because messes are harder to manage and odors can linger.

Those That Love to Entertain

Your home may serve as the meeting place for birthday parties, after school hang-outs, or family holidays. In the case that you always manage to host and entertain in your home, you’ll want a floor that can keep up with your schedule. Tile flooring is the best option because you can choose from an array of styles, plus it’s easy to clean and can take a beating from dropped glassware.

People with Allergy or Respiratory Issues

If you or family members suffer from allergies or other respiratory problems, it’s best to choose a floor that won’t house potential irritants. Avoid installing carpet as it can hold dust, pet hair, and a slew of things that can circulate in your air. Hardwood and tile floors are great because they are easy to clean and don’t hold on to allergens as carpet does.

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