Virtually Dustless Floor Removal

Photograph of a specialized floor removal tool that Speedy Floor Removal uses to help floor removal to remain virtually dust free.

Did You Know…

Remodeling projects can generate literally pounds of harmful dust particles.

Plastic and tape are not the solution. Trapped dust will continue to settle all around your home, even months later.

Speedy Dust Collection Systems collect almost one pound of dust per square foot, and our HEPA Certified Air Cleaners capture dust unseen to the eye, all for the purpose of helping protect what matters most in your home.

Speedy’s Dust-Free Guarantee

We will pay for your cleaning bill if we create the dust.

No Dust

We have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in our dustless floor removal equipment and have had it patented to keep your home or workplace dust-free.

“Stand up business! They work quickly and it’s virtually dustless floor removal!” – Brittany F.


Our machines are emission-free, battery powered, and capable of removing floors from an entire house or building in just ONE DAY. Compare this to a handyman or flooring installer who would take four to seven days.

A Better Installation

The Speedy Floor Removal System is a more efficient process that leaves a superior subfloor ready for new installation.

No Damage

Our state-of-the-art machines and highly skilled professionals make a safer and cleaner environment for floor removal.

No Cleaning Bill

Our fast and efficient system will negate the need for any extra time and costs incurred from the clean-up and disposal of flooring and subflooring materials.

No Loose Ends

Speedy Floor Removal professionals do the job right the first time; they never leave loose ends that would prolong the process or waste time and money.

Why Use Speedy Floor Removal and Not Someone Else?

Would you use a plumber to do your electrical work? Of course not! Decades of experience and innovation make Speedy Floor Removal the experts in flooring removal.