How to Protect Your Home’s Flooring During the Holiday Season

decorated living room during christmas

The holiday season is packed with fun opportunities to relax, see friends and family, give and receive gifts, and celebrate. While the holiday season may hold great things in store, your floor may be susceptible to greater damage.

The Holidays are Tough on Your Floors

You may have friends and family visiting you during the holidays, which is always a treat! But more people in your home will cause your floor to receive more traffic, have opportunities for damage, and be exposed to more outdoor elements.

Five Ways to Protect Your Floors During the Holidays

You don’t have to cancel your holiday parties or decline hosting your family this Christmas in order to save your floors. We have five helpful ways to ensure that you can enjoy your holidays while also protecting your flooring!

Ensure That Your Furniture Has Protection

If you are hosting Christmas dinner or entertaining for a holiday get-together, your guests will most likely need to move around chairs. You may even need to arrange furniture to fit the needs of your party. If you have hardwood or tile flooring, you should ensure that your furniture won’t scuff the floor beneath when you are moving and rearranging.

You can easily install protective felt pads to the feet of your chairs, couches, tables, and barstools to protect your flooring, especially for hardwood floors. Plus, these felt pads provide protection year-round!

Clean Before and After Guests Leave

It’s probably obvious that you should clean your space before any guests arrive, but it’s equally important to clean as soon as possible once they leave. Vacuuming up dirt or any debris will eliminate the risk of it causing more damage. Dirt that accumulates over time can threaten the surface of your flooring if stepped on or moved around. Save yourself from future trouble and sweep or vacuum after your guests leave.

Add Festive Doormats and Rugs

When you are decorating your home for Christmas, add festive doormats and rugs to your space to add holiday charm, but also another layer of
protection. Placing a holiday-themed doormat outside your door will remind guests to wipe off their shoes before entering your home. You can also add an interior mat or rug as a place where guests can remove their shoes, so no dirt can be tracked throughout your home.

Rugs throughout your home will also limit the amount of damage that can occur to your flooring. A dropped plate, high heels, or a fallen ornament can occur during the holiday season. Keep your floors protected with the addition of rugs throughout your home.

Be Proactive About Real Christmas Trees

If you are choosing to house a real Christmas tree, you’ll need to water it. Water and your flooring don’t exactly get along, so make sure that you are protecting the floor underneath and around your Christmas tree. Adding a waterproof mat underneath the tree stand will protect from any water that might spill. Plus, you can add a festive tree skirt overtop for a clean look. Don’t be tempted to use towels instead of purchasing a water-resistant barrier, as towels will not protect your flooring. Instead, they will absorb and hold onto excess water causing greater damage.

Inspect Your Flooring After the Holidays

Lastly, once the holiday season comes to a close, it’s recommended to take a look at your flooring. Did your carpet survive the spilled champagne on New Year’s Eve? Did your tile floor remain unscathed from your frequent cooking or holiday party? If your floor looks great, awesome! If not, no worries. You have options for dealing with damaged flooring after the holidays end.

Ready for New Flooring? Contact Speedy Floor Removal

If your flooring is showing signs of wear and tear, you may need to consider replacing your floor. Or, you may not have been as proactive as you’d like and your floor received more damage this holiday season.

Whatever the circumstances may be, if you are interested in upgrading your floor in the new year, contact Speedy Floor Removal for your floor removal needs. We make it quick and easy to remove damaged flooring to make way for resilient, new flooring. With multiple locations across Florida, contact us to get started on your project.