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Speedy Floor Removal is the premier floor removal and floor preparation company in North Central Florida. We guarantee that you will receive fast, professional, and virtually dustless floor removal services. We pride ourselves on making sure that we always have highly trained, skilled contractors on every project we’re involved in. Because of that, you will always receive top-quality service and support from our professional and knowledgeable contractors. You are our top priority at Speedy Floor Removal which means you are treated like family, and we will always do everything possible to make sure that you are feeling 100% comfortable with us being in your home. Check out some of our videos below of Speedy Floor Removal in action!

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Speedy Dustless Floor Removal Collection

Watch this series of videos that show you how our virtually dustless floor removal works. This collection of previous floor removal projects shows exactly how the process works. From residential to commercial, watch these videos to get an understanding of what we do and how we do it!

Dustless System VS Non-Dustless System

This video is an example of the difference between your traditional non-dustless removal process versus Speedy Floor Removal’s dustless system. Floor removal can produce pounds of dust that can linger in your home—even months after the job is completed. Though plastic and tape can help reduce the amount of dust accumulated, that alone is not the proper solution to prevent this. Make sure to protect what matters the most in your home and use Speedy Floor Removal’s dustless system!

Honey Baked Ham Project

Check out one of our previous projects at a local Honey Baked Ham location. Our job was to remove the ceramic tile and thinset—an adhesive glue made of cement, fine sand, and a water retaining agent. It is usually used to attach tile or stone to surfaces such as cement or concrete. We also explain the seven benefits of using Speedy Floor Removal. For more information about commercial floor removal click here!

98% Dustless Tile Removal

Here is another excellent video showing our unique virtually dustless floor removal service. Our equipment highly reduces airborne dust that can collect on anything where renovation is done. Part of the dustless removal process involves using industrial filter vacuums, not shop vacuums. For more information about Speedy Floor Removal, please contact us today!

Virtually Dustless Floor Removal

One more video that is a really good representation of the benefits you receive when using Speedy’s virtually dustless floor removal process. Our process prevents dust from filling up the entire area and making more of a mess than needed. We can guarantee that our virtually dustless floor removal process captures about one pound of dust per square foot. For more information about our virtually dustless floor removal click here!

Floor and Coating Removal

Check this video out for a satisfying example that shows floor and coating removal! This video consists of a couple of local car dealerships, as well as a local middle school. Removing stubborn glue is a breeze with Speedy Floor Removal. From wood floors, carpet, and tile—removing it is what we do! Contact Speedy Floor Removal for your free estimate!

Hardwood Floor Removal

Here is a great video demonstrating the process from beginning to end for residential hardwood floor removal. As always, Speedy Floor Removal uses the most advanced technology to make sure every job is completed at the highest quality possible. Make sure to call Speedy Floor Removal for your next home floor renovations. For more information click here!

Ceramic Tile Removal

This last video is one of our favorites! The project was a ceramic tile removal for a great non-profit organization. We treat every customer like family and ensure the best customer service possible. In this video, you can see our floor scraper in action removing adhesive from the floor. Make sure to always use North Central Florida’s #1 choice in floor removal—Speedy Floor Removal. For more information about our floor removal packages, please visit here, or contact us today!

Why Call Speedy Floor Removal?

We are the go-to specialists for floor removal in North Central Florida. We have years of experience that make us the leading experts in floor removal. We ensure that every job is done with the highest quality service, so everyone involved benefits. We are the most efficient and effective floor removing company—we guarantee you will not have to do anything once we are finished. We use state-of-the-art technology that is handled by experienced professionals that completes every job as clean and as safe as possible! For all types of floor removal, make sure to call Speedy  Floor Removal today!


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