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At Speedy Floor Removal, we love providing free estimates to our clients and sharing more information about our amazing dustless floor removal services. Fill out the form below or give us a call to request a free estimate on your next floor removal or floor installation project.


Why Schedule Service with Speedy Floor Removal?

Speedy Floor Removal is your best choice for guaranteed dustless floor removal in Gainesville & surrounding areas:

  • No Dust. Our service is guaranteed dustless. We pay the cleaning bill if it isn’t!
  • Speedy Removal. It’s in our name. Our unique machines are quick and efficient and remove flooring in one day.
  • Better Installation. The Speedy Floor Removal System leaves a superior subfloor perfectly ready for your new flooring installation.
  • Easy Cleanup. We take care of the clean-up! When you choose Speedy, you save money and dumpsters and debris removal.
  • No Damage. Our professional team takes every care to protect the inside of your home.
  • Friendly Service. We are passionate about efficient floor removal! When you choose Speedy Floor Removal, you can guarantee the best customer service.


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Our rates range from $1.50 – $4.00 per sq. ft, with three packages to choose from.
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Fill out our form and our General Manager will personally call you to discuss your project and provide exact pricing on which you can rely.

In order to serve our clients more honestly and more efficiently, Speedy Floor Removal always generates a custom project plan that fits your goals even if your budget is limited. Our promise is to provide the best price that is tailored to meet your needs with no surprises and unmatched quality service.

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