Commercial Floor Removal

Photograph of old commercial floor removal by Speedy Floor Removal. We service Gainesville, FL and most of North and Central, FL. Call for a free estimate.

Speedy Floor Removal is dedicated to protecting what matters most to your business and the business of your clients!

Remodeling projects create pounds of dust particles meaning plastic and tape are not the solutions when it comes to capturing these particles. Trapped dust will only continue to settle all around the business, even months after the project is finished. Ensure that your business is protected before, during, and after your floor removal project with Speedy Floor Removal!

Your business deserves floor removal services that completely eliminate the dust while providing a thorough removal of your old flooring. Speedy Floor Removal provides those dustless floor removal services.

Dust-Free, Guaranteed

During your commercial floor removal process, Speedy’s Dust Collection Systems can collect almost one pound of dust per square foot from the point of contact, as well as all of the dust that you cannot see.

We have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in and have received patents for the dustless floor removal equipment that we use to keep the businesses we work in completely dust-free.

Our Dust-Free Guarantee: We are so confident in our equipment that we guarantee your business will be dust-free, or we will pay your cleaning bill.

We Understand the Needs of Commercial Projects

Speedy Floor Removal has completed hundreds of commercial floor removal projects. We can remove up to 30,000 sq. ft. of flooring on commercial projects in as little as 1-2 days.

We know all of the factors that need to be considered when removing floors inside an occupied or commercial building. These factors include:

  • Being liable to employees and customers for the dust
  • Having potential HVAC ductwork cleaning costs
  • Experiencing downtime and project delays if GC is delayed due to lack of speed
  • Losing money due to lack of speed
  • Meeting lease move-in dates by completing the project ahead of time
  • Working safely around customers in the vicinity
  • Treating customers like your business would

Speedy is here to serve you during all parts of your floor removal process to ease your worries and get you back to normal as soon as possible.

Professional Team Members

Are you concerned about having people other than your employees working in your business? We don’t want our presence in your work areas to worry you! We only have fully insured, licensed members on our team. Their expertise in floor removal and professional, courteous attitude will ease your worries about having them in your place of business.

Read Our Reviews

Our reviews speak for themselves! See what previous customers have to say about our team and their ability to expertly carry out floor removal.

Commercial Floor Removal with Speedy Floor Removal

When it comes to renovating or starting over with your commercial or retail space, count on Speedy Floor Removal to get the job done correctly, quickly, and with little to no dust left behind!

We’re happy to offer our commercial floor removal services in parts of North & Central Florida. View all of our service areas here and request a free estimate to get started on your floor removal project!