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Tile Floor Removal

Tile floor removal creates more dust than any other floor removal process. We not only remove your tile floor using our dust-free machinery, but we also remove the thin-set and adhesives underneath, creating a perfectly smooth surface ready for new installation.


Carpet and Glue Removal

Glued-down carpet can be especially tough to remove, but our specialized equipment is up to the job. After peeling away carpet we labor to meticulously remove all traces of glue and other adhesives while whisking away harmful dust from your home.


Wood Floor Removal

Removing wood floor requires specilaized machinery. Often wood floors are glued to a plywood or concrete subfloor, surprising homeowners who thought they’d pop right up. Our virtually dustless removal system remvoes all traces of adhesive, leaving your subfloors smooth and ready for the next design.


Dustless Floor Removal System

Our dustless floor removal system is the cleanest and safest way to remove flooring on the market. Every step of the way our, specialized equipment uses suction technology to remove dust as we work and before it settles in hard to reach places around your home.


Final Results and Clean-up Process

The final result is what it is all about. Our virtually dustless floor removal process makes clean-up easy, efficient, and effective. We do the job right the first time, leaving your floors smooth, level, and ready for your new installation.


Professional Crew and Equipment

Our highly skilled crew and specialized equipment are what sets Speedy Floor Removal apart from the pack. Every member of our team is extensively trained to use our unique dustless floor removal equipment. We treat your home or business like it is our own.