Speedy Floor Removal Packages

Photograph of old hardwood floor that has been removed by Speedy Floor Removal packages.

Speedy Floor Removal offers several different floor removal packages for you to choose from that are specific to your needs. We have created two different packages based on many different factors. Whether you are looking for something simple that gets the job done right or the premium package that guarantees a dust-free environment—we have you covered. Our floor removal packages include:

  • Standard Package (Dust Control)
  • Premium Package (Dust-Free Guarantee)

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Our Standard Package is made for homeowners, businesses, and builders who want our full service. You receive fast and reliable service that removes your old flooring and preps it for your new flooring. Speedy Floor Removal is dedicated to removing your old floor with little to no dust—leaving your home clean and saving you hundreds in cleaning services. We remove all types of flooring and coverings, some of which include:

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Our Premium Package is one of the most popular packages because it has the dust-free guarantee. This package assures that the health of you and your loved ones are protected from harmful dust particles. It differs from our standard package because this package offers our full service and a guarantee of having no dust while we remove your floor. Our dust-free guarantee includes:

  • Removing one pound of dust per foot during floor removal
  • Removing dust unseen by the human eye
  • Preventing dust from settling weeks or months later
  • Keeping it dust-free or we pay for your cleaning bill!


We are the number one specialists in North Central Florida when it comes to floor removal and floor preparation. We always guarantee that you receive the highest quality service that is efficient and effective. At Speedy Floor Removal, you are treated like family, and we do everything in our power to make sure you are satisfied with our work. For more information about our floor removal packages, make sure to call Speedy Floor Removal today!!

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