Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to remove the baseboard to remove my floor?

No. If you don’t have plans to replace your baseboard, we can remove your flooring up to the baseboard.

Do you need to remove the shoe mold to remove my floor?

Yes. Shoe mold or quarter round must be removed so that your new floors can be installed properly.

My cabinets are on top the flooring that needs to be removed, do my cabinets need to be removed?

No. We protect the cabinets during the removal process and have many tools that cut or remove flooring up to the bottom of the cabinets so your new floor is installed properly.

What do you mean by Virtually Dustless?

Please see our videos to understand. They contain examples of no dust control and examples of full dust control using our system. We collect around 1 pound of dust per sq. ft. when removing tile and stone flooring.

Is the dust a health hazard?

Yes. If fact, it’s Not Dust, it’s crystalline silica, a naturally occurring substance found in sand and stone. It is present in flooring products that are sourced from sand and stone, including tiles, glass, concrete and grout.

What do you do with the waste?

The waste is removed from your home or business and put into a waste container. Waste Management provides a service called the Bagster.

How long will it take to remove my floors?

In most cases we can remove up to 1,000 square foot of residential flooring in one day. Commercial space takes less time because there is more space for larger commercial equipment. See our estimated removal rate times.

Please give us a call for other floor removal questions or flooring selection questions.