Floor Flattening: The Best Kept Secret For The Best New Flooring Installation

Get Your Floors Professionally Leveled with Speedy’s Floor Flattening Services

Are you thinking about putting new flooring into your North Central Florida home? Have you been perusing trendy products such as classic hardwood, engineered hardwood, modern laminate, or ceramic, stone, or wood plank tile? It seems that options for what you can use to cover your floors are always increasing, but one thing is true about most of them: you need a very flat floor to achieve the perfect installation.

Up-to-Date Flooring Demands Up-to-Date Subfloor Standards

Certain flooring products require the flattest of subfloors in order to prevent visible unevenness that could result in various problems. Misaligned floors are more likely to cause chips, cracks, breaks, wobbly furniture, and injured humans.

The increasingly popular wood plank tile is particularly prone to these problems as these tiles themselves are not perfectly flat. The center of wood plank tiles is higher than the ends, and when people try to genuinely replicate the look of wood by offsetting the planks, improperly leveled floors will only worsen these potentially hazardous height differences.

In order to lay wood plank tile for the utmost safety and longevity, the maximum allowable variation in floor heights is one eighth of an inch in a ten foot space. In fact, the longer the planks, the more the floor needs to be flattened. Really long, realistic-looking planks need super flat floors for successful installation, and on their own, subfloors are rarely flat enough.

Subfloors that are not perfectly flat will also create gaps in flooring such as solid hardwood and engineered hardwood floors, and as homeowners walk over these gaps, the wood boards will flex and rub together. When the boards move in this way, they will start to squeak, and that squeaking will increase over time. After a few years, these excessive sounds will become very off-putting to your ears.

Unavoidable acts of a nature and particularly shoddy construction work can leave your subfloors ill prepared for that new flooring you want to install. After having your old floor removed with efficient floor removal services, you may discover that your subfloor is worse than you feared. So, what can you do to fix these problems and secure a flawlessly flat floor? The answer is one of the best-kept secrets in the floor industry: floor-flattening services. What are floor-flattening services and how do they work? Please allow Speedy Floor Removal to explain.

Floor Flattening Levels Old Subfloor Problems

Floor flattening services do what they say they do: they flatten your floor, rendering it absolutely level and beautifully smooth for the best possible installation of any future flooring changes. Floor flattening services repair uneven surfaces by grinding the concrete in high spots and leveling the concrete in low spots with the most effective tools for properly completing each job the first time.

Floor flattening can fix the damage of any of the following poor subfloor conditions:

  • Cracked or split concrete
  • Low or sunken concrete
  • Bumpy or uneven concrete
  • Irregular elevations in the concrete

Flatter Floors Satisfy Industry Standards

These kinds of floor faults can jeopardize the life of your flooring and the validity of any warranties included with your flooring purchase. Subfloors improved with floor flattening services are able to meet or exceed a flooring manufacturer’s minimum specifications for flatness over every square inch.

With floor flattening, the level of the subfloor will be the same ten feet, fifteen feet, twenty feet, and even farther away from any particular point. A truly flat floor has no perceptible height differences: no high points or low points at all. Therefore, a truly flat floor will enable you to meet the warranty requirements of your new flooring and extend the lifetime of your investment even longer.

The Benefits of Flatter Floors Go Beyond

Meeting industry standards is just the beginning of the blessings of flatter subfloors. Flatter subfloors are the surest way to secure unrivaled installation of your new flooring material and to avoid any unnecessary complications to come. With a professionally flattened floor, you are guaranteed to get: straight and even baseboards without random spaces between the baseboards and the floor; really large ceramic, stone, or wood plank tiles laid down without frustrating variances that could produce cracks; and wood floors glued down without any noisy hollow spots. Eliminating these annoyances not only makes living with your floors easier now, but it also makes someone else more willing to live with those same floors later, which means your home’s value increases.

Only Professionals Can Achieve the Flattest Floors

When you first discover any issues in your subfloor that will take extra steps to resolve, it may be tempting to figure it out and do it yourself. Products called “self-leveling underlayments” are available for homeowners to buy, but they are certainly not simple for homeowners to use, and even small mistakes made with these products can lead to expensive corrections.

Self-leveling underlayments only work if they are applied well with the right tools, such as an aluminum screed. An aluminum screed helps control the depth of the leveler, and without it, it can be all too easy to over-pour the leveler and develop a sizable hump in the subfloor. No matter the size of the hump, once the leveler dries, the hump will be a beast to remove because grinding down fully dried leveler takes four times longer than grinding down concrete!

This should be reason enough to leave leveling to the pros, but another equally convincing argument is that of money. Leveler is not cheap, and in order to even out the low and the high spots enough without grinding down the high spots first will require dozens of bags of it. Covering the entire floor with leveler can be very expensive, with costs creeping into the thousands of dollars.

The only way to save on leveler is to grind down the high spots with the right equipment, and the right equipment cannot be rented by Do-It-Yourselfers. The only people with the necessary machines are the professionals who built the machines themselves, such as Speedy Floor Removal.

The Professionals Are At Speedy Floor Removal

Speedy Floor Removal can literally save you hundreds of dollars on the process of flattening your floors with our industry experience, expertise, and instruments. With our resources, we are not only able to remove the high spots and raise the low spots, but we are also able to eliminate any leftover traces of paint, drywall, old coating, and adhesives and reveal the ideal surface upon which to put the primer and, eventually, the new flooring.

Flattening your floor is too big of a project to tackle alone. It is a risky venture with expensive consequences that you only have one try to get right, so please do not even bother to address it on your own. Instead, rely on the floor flattening services of Speedy Floor Removal to deliver the finest floor you could ever desire. Speedy Floor Removal is built into the floor business, and our floor flattening services are just another extension of our innovative work with floors. To learn more and receive a flawlessly flat floor for your next flooring project, contact Speedy Floor Removal today.