Tips & Tricks for Keeping Your Carpets Spot-free

Are you a carpet hater? Do you often get sick and tired of obsessing about your clean carpet that you think getting rid of it might be the best solution? Don’t fret, keeping your carpet clean isn’t as challenging as you may think! You don’t have to figure out how your friends with two dogs and three kids keep a perfectly looking new carpet. We are here to give you a few simple tricks—not only to help your stress levels but also to help save you money and your carpet!

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Tips & Tricks for Cleaner Carpets

  1. The No Shoe Rule

This should be a given, right? However, many times we start off having good intentions, but end up lapsing over time. Sometimes we think that our shoes really aren’t that dirty. Before you know it, people are walking around your nice, clean carpet with their dirty shoes. This rule can be tough to enforce, but your carpet can gain many benefits from having the no shoe rule. You will have cleaner carpets, less allergens and bacteria, and healthier feet! The no shoe rule works, your carpet will thank you!

  1. Spot Cleaning

We can all get over enthusiastic with a drink when the Gators score a touchdown. So, having a home spot cleaning kit in hand is a good idea. It is also a good idea to have clean, cotton towels with a floor cleaning spray bottle to quickly deal with a mess. Most think that the spill itself is what damages the carpet. However, it is the spill that is left in the carpet that causes the real damage. If the spill is left to penetrate the carpet it can be really difficult to get the stain out and it also becomes a magnet to everything else that comes into contact with. Before you know it, you have a big, dark ugly stain. The best thing to do is as soon as a spill occurs, gently dab the spill and then go over it with some type of carpet cleaner.

  1. Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum

A good rule to remember with vacuuming is to do it at least one to three times per week. The biggest problem with carpet is that it hides dust and dirt very well from the human eye. When dirt and/or dust collects on top of the carpet—if let go—will end up being walked on top of and smashed into the carpet fibers. This build up of dirt and dust is abrasive and can actually break down the carpet fibers which cause it to flatten out over time. This is why many times higher traffic areas looked more worn out than the rest of the areas. Again, we cannot stress enough the importance of vacuuming.

  1. Professional Cleaning 

Taking all of the necessary steps to keeping our carpet clean can only do some much. If you really want your carpet to look like new, then we suggest hiring a carpet cleaning professional once or twice a year. These professionals have the proper equipment and training to give your carpet a deep clean. Carpet cleaning professionals can get your carpet to tip top condition in no time at all.

  1. Place Walk-Off Mats 

Wherever your carpet sees the most traffic is where you should place a walk-off mat. Many times, these mats are placed in front of sofas, chairs, or entry/exit points. These mats are great for absorbing soil and moisture. Make sure to clean these walk-off mats regularly so they don’t trap dirt and/or moisture that can then be transferred to your carpet. Another great tip is to make sure to check the walk-off mats colorfastness. Colorfastness is the resistance of the materials color to fade or run. You don’t want your walk-off mats to bleed through onto the carpet below. You see this many times with black rubber mats.

  1. Replace Your Carpet

If you take the necessary precautions stated above, you can get a long life out of your carpet. However, flooring life depends on many factors. A good rule of thumb to remember is that you can expect your carpet to last between 5-15 years. The more expensive the fibers, the longer the carpet will last. If you’re dealing with less expensive carpet, you could see wear and patchiness in as little as 3-5 years. Regardless, Speedy Floor Removal is here to remove your old carpet and prep for your new one quickly and affordably.

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