How Your Flooring Store Can Generate More Revenue This Year

Photographs of samples of tile floors.

Flooring Stores: Increase Sales and Save Money by Working With Speedy Floor Removal

As an innovative company offering our unique floor removal services to all of North Central Florida, Speedy Floor Removal is heavily invested in the flooring industry. Who else is so firmly grounded in flooring? Flooring stores. As a flooring store owner, you know that the purpose of your company is to assist home and business owners in finding and receiving the best new flooring for their interiors, yet these days, your own and other flooring stores may be struggling to overcome the deficit of qualified and non-qualified flooring installers that is inhibiting flooring stores from completing flooring installations and making money. In fact, your flooring store may be like the others that are several months behind due to the fact that they cannot deliver on installations fast enough and cannot sell product if they cannot install it. In the past, installers and flooring stores like yours hoped to increase their proceeds on sales and installations by providing floor removal as well, but with the lack of installers, this dream has been left on the back burner.

However, floor removal can still be a great way for your flooring store to start to pull ahead in your profits if you choose to tap into the floor removal expertise of Speedy Floor Removal. Speedy Floor Removal wants to be involved in the flooring sales process by offering several significant advantages to flooring stores and installers alike. By aligning with your flooring store, Speedy Floor Removal can help you accomplish three things:

  • Sell more products
  • Reduce expenses and liability
  • Increase customer satisfaction

Please allow us to share how we can reach these goals and revitalize the financial success of your flooring store in the process.

Sell More Product

Through our interactions in the flooring industry, Speedy Floor Removal has seen how sales can suffer at a flooring store when installations cannot be completed within the buyer’s timeline. We know that your flooring store may be loosing customers because you cannot provide flooring fast enough, and therefore, you lack the installers, the equipment, and the time to perform floor removal as well. Speedy Floor Removal is the solution that results in more product sales because of our rare mastery of floor removal.

We can get old floors out of there in no time — usually, just ONE day — and by quickly managing this task ourselves, we can free up installers to bring floors in faster for clients. The ability to guarantee to customers that their flooring will be delivered in a speedy and easy fashion will allow your flooring store to move through the sales process faster, and you can thereby sell more product overall. Speedy Floor Removal can also help you sell more products by marketing for you when we work with our customers. With Speedy Floor Removal, your flooring store will have a better reputation, and a better reputation will lead to an increase in sales.


Reduce Expenses and Liability

With our custom-made, patented machines and streamlined floor removal process, Speedy Floor Removal eliminates all of the hassle from floor removal and spares your store any unnecessary responsibility and costs. With Speedy Floor Removal working with flooring stores, there is no damage liability because we are doing the work, not the your installer subcontractor. You avoid liability as we work with and bill the homeowner directly, not as a subcontractor.


You also save money by allowing Speedy Floor Removal to handle the floor removal, as your store will not have to spend money on:

  • The management required to remove floors
  • Any warranty work that would cover the incomplete or improper removal of old glue, paint, or thin set
  • Any cleaning bills

Speedy Floor Removal achieves a completely dustless floor removal with our high-tech equipment and extremely skillful technique, so you will never have to backtrack on our work. Flooring stores like yours will have no additional liabilities or expenses to worry about with Speedy Floor Removal.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

By allowing Speedy Floor Removal to meet your customers’ floor removal needs, your flooring store can make your customers much happier. Your store benefits from Speedy’s ability to do our job quickly and effectively because the time, availability, and integrity that you acquire can all be directed back towards customers. Customers will be more than satisfied with our work, so we can produce more word of mouth business for your store with these elated customers.

When we have completed our jobs, Speedy Floor Removal has a plan in place to point our customers to your store. As we are finishing their floor removal, Speedy Floor Removal will ask home and business owners to fill out an Angie’s List form on our iPads while signing the work order and invoice. With this electronic form, the customer can share their positive review right away, and Speedy Floor Removal can distribute that same form through our social media accounts and the “Review” page on our website. This form will include your flooring store’s information and website link, so people can be directed to the your flooring store when they submit a review for Speedy Floor Removal’s work. This link placement will help drive more traffic to your website and provide the your flooring store with free advertising in the process. Speedy Floor Removal is also willing to assign a CallRail number to your store that, when distributed by your employees, will supply us with referrals and will give us the opportunity to send our new customers back to your flooring store for flooring and installation. All of these efforts will empower your store to regularly gain and gratify new customers for free.

A Perfect Match: Speedy Floor Removal and Flooring Stores

As a fellow partner in the flooring industry, Speedy Floor Removal is inviting flooring stores like yours to live in a flooring world where you can:

  • Avoid cleaning bills and damage liability
  • Spend less of your hard earned money on warranty work covering improper preparation
  • Know that most floors will be removed in one day
  • Interact with happy installers

As we offer both residential floor removal and commercial floor removal services, we work with both residential and commercial flooring providers, and we are offering incentives for referrals. Your customers can receive free estimates on our services by filling out a very simple form on our website, and our site also presents much more information about our services. To learn more about this great opportunity with Speedy Floor Removal and start increasing sales, reducing expenses, and satisfying customers right away, contact us today!