How to Choose the Best Floor Removal Company

Choosing the best floor removal contractor

If you’re thinking about replacing the flooring in your home, you probably already know that you have a pretty large project at hand. Luckily, there are many floor removal contractors nationwide to help with such a project.

But with so many contractors in today’s market, there also comes a lot of impostors. So, how do you choose the best floor removal company for your upcoming project?

Speedy Floor Removal has put together a few key things to look for when searching for your next contractor:

What to look for in a Floor Removal Company:

Awards and Qualifications

Angie’s List is a website dedicated to sifting through the list of contractors who are top quality and not quality. As such, they reward the ones who are outstanding in their fields. The Angie’s List Super Service Award is one of the most prestigious awards in the business, and it’s earned through customer reviews, so you know it’s a well-deserved award. Look for companies with stars next to their names, and the SSA Logo on their Angie’s List page.

Here at Speedy Floor Removal, we’ve just recently earned the Super Server Reward based on our copious reviews from happy customers! You can find our badge on our Angie’s List page.

While awards are definitely an extra boost in reputation, every contractor needs to have an established set of qualifications. Check if the floor removal company you’re looking at has the right licenses on their website, or by a Google search. They should have their qualifications easily accessible.


Angie’s List is just one of the many sites to visit in order to check out customer reviews. Some other review sites include social media accounts like Facebook or Google+, but also a quick Google search for their name should lead you to quite a few sources, and potentially even a star-rating.

Often, customer reviews are some of the best ways to decide if a floor removal company is trustworthy, because a majority of customers are more willing to post negative reviews than positive reviews. This means that if a particular company has many positive reviews, the company probably a high-quality operation.

Previous Work & Expertise

Most well-established floor removal contractor sites should have a previous work page on their website with videos or images of the work they have done. When reviewing previous work, be sure to review any specialties a contractor may have. This can help influence your decision based on the project you have at hand.

Some specialties could include:

At Speedy Floor Removal, our contractors are trained to remove and prepare any surface. Check out our floor removal packages here.

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A Top Floor Removal Contractor in Florida

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