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Remodeling is a time-consuming and dirty job for homeowners as well as for commercial business owners. One of the most important jobs that must be done, but what is frequently not seriously considered, is the removal of an existing floor. Removing an existing floor is time consuming, hard works, and can create a huge mess!

Statistics show that almost one pound of dust per square foot during floor removal. This can result in several hundred pounds of dust in your home!

That is where Speedy Floor Removal comes in. Serving the Jacksonville area, we can remove your flooring and leave your home dust free. Eliminate the hassle of removing your current flooring, disposing of it, AND cleaning up after the demolition. Call Speedy Floor Removal to take care of al of your floor removal needs in the Jacksonville area.

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Our Floor Removal Process in Jacksonville

When removing flooring in a home or office, dust is easy created. As materials are broken apart and removed, dust fills the air and your home. At Speedy Floor Removal, we solve this problem with our dustless floor removal services.

Dustless Floor RemovalA dustless flooring removal job completed by Speedy Floor Removal uses special machines to collect the dust rather than simply releasing it into the air. Special HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arresting) Certified Air Cleaners collects and eliminates the dust that is invisible to the naked eye. Speedy Floor Removal also uses machines that can quickly remove flooring in as little as one day, limiting the amount of time dust can be released into the air and speeding the entire renovation process.

Our company stands behind its claims with a Dust-Free Guarantee that promises that if the area isn’t dust-free, Speedy Floor Removal will pay the necessary cleaning costs.

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Floor Removal Packages

At Speedy Floor Removal, we offer three unique packages that are perfect for any floor removal project in Jacksonville. Our most popular package is the Premium Package—this package guarantees no dust and no cleaning.

Click here to view our three floor removal packages. If you are unsure which package is right for you, call one of our experts to discuss which best fits your needs.

Why Schedule Service with Speedy Floor Removal?

In Jacksonville, there are many contractors who can remove your commercial or residential flooring;
however, there is no contractor like Speedy Floor Removal. With us, you can guarantee:

  • No Dust. We will pay for your cleaning bill if we create dust
  • Speedy Removal. Our machines are fast and safe so we can remove your flooring in just one day!
  • Better Installation. When your flooring installer comes, they will be able to install your flooring more efficiently.
  • Easy Cleanup. When you choose us to remove your current flooring, you can actually save money on cleanup costs and dumpsters.
  • No Damage. Our highly skilled professionals are experts at removing carpet, tile, hardwood flooring, and more throughout the Jacksonville area.
  • Friendly Service. We care about our customers and their home or business. When you choose us, you can guarantee quality customer service.

Schedule Floor Removal in Jacksonville, Florida

Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, Speedy Floor Removal has the solutions you need to ensure a dustless and clean floor removal in the Jacksonville area. Whether you need to remove tile, carpet, hardwood flooring, or another floor type, call Speedy Floor Removal. We serve homes and offices throughout the Jacksonville and Northern Florida area!

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