Tile Removal

Tile Floor Removal in Florida

Are you preparing your home for a renovation? If so, removing your current flooring and interior can be one of the most tedious tasks in renovating your home. Removing and disposing of your current fixtures is timely, messy, and exhausting. At Speedy Floor Removal, we eliminate all three of those concerns. Our dustless tile removal services can remove your tile and dispose of it properly. Not only do we provide tile removal services, we also remove carpet, paint, hardwood flooring, and more!

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Why Hire Speedy Floor Removal for Tile Removal?

Statistics show that almost one pound of dust per square foot during floor removal. This can result in several hundred pounds of dust in your home!

Not only is dust messy, but it can cause serious breathing problems for you and your family—especially for those who suffer from allergies or asthma.Tile bathroom floor removal Florida

Speedy Floor Removal has the latest technology to remove the dust created from old flooring and tile. Our team uses the latest technology and machinery which collects dust rather than releasing it into the air. We also use special HEPA cleaners which helps clean the air inside your home and removes dust particles.

When we visit your home, we will:

  • Perform general cleaning to remove dust
  • Protect cabinets, furniture, walls, and flooring that are not to be removed
  • Cut transitions between different types of flooring
  • Remove the tile safely
  • Remove the tile so as to not damage the subfloor and walls
  • Remove 100% of glue or thin set
  • Prepare your home for the installation of new flooring or tile

Our team works with homeowners throughout Gainesville, Jacksonville, and everywhere in between. When you need a dust free floor removal, count on us.

Floor Removal Packages

Speedy Floor Removal has several floor removal packages to choose from to best meet our customers’ needs. If you’re looking for that dust free guarantee, you may be interested in our premium package—we recommend this package for all homeowners looking for easy, efficient, and dustless tile removal. To learn more about the packages we have available and to learn which one may be right for you, give Speedy Floor Removal a call or visit our packages page found here.