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Virtually Dustless Tile and Thinset Removal

The process of removing tile and thinset can be messy; however, a virtually dustless floor removal prevents dust from filling up your home and settling. Having the proper equipment reduces airborne dust that ends up collecting in all areas of your home. We guarantee that our virtually dustless floor removal process captures about one pound of dust per square foot. Therefore, our virtually dustless process is cleaner, safer, and healthier than standard floor removing services.


Dust Free Floor Removal in FloridaPhotograph of floor removal tool built by Speedy Floor Removal.

Benefits of Virtually Dustless Floor Removal

A new floor is a huge facelift for your home, giving it a more modern and updated look. However, removing tile can be a dangerous and messy process. Tile often creates a lot of dust, which is dangerous to breathe in. Not only is there tile, there is also thinset which needs to be removed before the installation of new flooring. This is why it is extremely important to have a professional floor removing company. Some of the benefits of virtually dustless tile and thinset removal include:

  • No Mess
  • No Glue
  • No Dust
  • No Danger

View one of our videos below to see our virtually dustless tile and thinset removal process.

Why Is This Important?

When removing floors, dust and residue from the floors, cleaning products, and thinset can become airborne. Airborne materials is harmful to both your home and you and your family. Hazardous dust can get trapped in air vents, air ducts, and HVAC units which can damage thousands of dollars of equipment. It can also be trapped for years so after you clean your home from dust and debris, hazardous airborne materials remain trapped for years.

This dust and residue is also dangerous to you and your family. Breathing in dust created from glue, tile, and other chemicals is dangerous, especially for children, elderly, or those with allergies and asthma. For more information about the dangers of dust inhalation, you can read one of our recent blogs about this topic.

Virtually Dustless Tile and Thinset Removal in Florida

Whether you need floor removal services for your office or home, Speedy’s Virtually Dustless Floor Removal process is the one for the job. Our highly trained professionals and advanced equipment ensure a high-quality service. Let us handle the dust! Contact Speedy Floor Removal today!

We proudly serve North Central Florida, including:

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Tips & Tricks for Keeping Your Carpets Spot-free

Are you a carpet hater? Do you often get sick and tired of obsessing about your clean carpet that you think getting rid of it might be the best solution? Don’t fret, keeping your carpet clean isn’t as challenging as you may think! You don’t have to figure out how your friends with two dogs and three kids keep a perfectly looking new carpet. We are here to give you a few simple tricks—not only to help your stress levels but also to help save you money and your carpet!

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Tips & Tricks for Cleaner Carpets

  1. The No Shoe Rule

This should be a given, right? However, many times we start off having good intentions, but end up lapsing over time. Sometimes we think that our shoes really aren’t that dirty. Before you know it, people are walking around your nice, clean carpet with their dirty shoes. This rule can be tough to enforce, but your carpet can gain many benefits from having the no shoe rule. You will have cleaner carpets, less allergens and bacteria, and healthier feet! The no shoe rule works, your carpet will thank you!

  1. Spot Cleaning

We can all get over enthusiastic with a drink when the Gators score a touchdown. So, having a home spot cleaning kit in hand is a good idea. It is also a good idea to have clean, cotton towels with a floor cleaning spray bottle to quickly deal with a mess. Most think that the spill itself is what damages the carpet. However, it is the spill that is left in the carpet that causes the real damage. If the spill is left to penetrate the carpet it can be really difficult to get the stain out and it also becomes a magnet to everything else that comes into contact with. Before you know it, you have a big, dark ugly stain. The best thing to do is as soon as a spill occurs, gently dab the spill and then go over it with some type of carpet cleaner.

  1. Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum

A good rule to remember with vacuuming is to do it at least one to three times per week. The biggest problem with carpet is that it hides dust and dirt very well from the human eye. When dirt and/or dust collects on top of the carpet—if let go—will end up being walked on top of and smashed into the carpet fibers. This build up of dirt and dust is abrasive and can actually break down the carpet fibers which cause it to flatten out over time. This is why many times higher traffic areas looked more worn out than the rest of the areas. Again, we cannot stress enough the importance of vacuuming.

  1. Professional Cleaning 

Taking all of the necessary steps to keeping our carpet clean can only do some much. If you really want your carpet to look like new, then we suggest hiring a carpet cleaning professional once or twice a year. These professionals have the proper equipment and training to give your carpet a deep clean. Carpet cleaning professionals can get your carpet to tip top condition in no time at all.

  1. Place Walk-Off Mats 

Wherever your carpet sees the most traffic is where you should place a walk-off mat. Many times, these mats are placed in front of sofas, chairs, or entry/exit points. These mats are great for absorbing soil and moisture. Make sure to clean these walk-off mats regularly so they don’t trap dirt and/or moisture that can then be transferred to your carpet. Another great tip is to make sure to check the walk-off mats colorfastness. Colorfastness is the resistance of the materials color to fade or run. You don’t want your walk-off mats to bleed through onto the carpet below. You see this many times with black rubber mats.

  1. Replace Your Carpet

If you take the necessary precautions stated above, you can get a long life out of your carpet. However, flooring life depends on many factors. A good rule of thumb to remember is that you can expect your carpet to last between 5-15 years. The more expensive the fibers, the longer the carpet will last. If you’re dealing with less expensive carpet, you could see wear and patchiness in as little as 3-5 years. Regardless, Speedy Floor Removal is here to remove your old carpet and prep for your new one quickly and affordably.

 Speedy Floor Removal

From the beginning, Speedy Floor Removal has focused on training and developing the team to provide them with everything they need to provide the best service possible. Speedy Floor Removal knows the best ways to perform a variety of procedures in your home. In the end, our ultimate goal is to help others by providing the best service possible. Our focus on training, quality service, and customer satisfaction is why we are #1 in Gainesville, FL.

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Five Secrets to Keeping Your Carpets Clean

It usually doesn’t take long before spots start appearing on your carpets. Whether you have pets, children, or you yourself have a spill, accidents do happen—and unfortunately it happens quite frequently on your flooring.

There are many stains that are hard to get out—including wine, wax, grease, and soda. Below, the floor removal experts at Speedy Floor Removal has outlined five secrets to keep your floors clean and lasting longer.

Secret 1: Blot, Don’t Rub

If there is a spill on your carpets, it’s almost second nature to rub your towel in a circle to get the stain out. This method actually rubs the stain deeper into the carpets rather than bringing it to the service. Instead of rubbing your towel in a circular motion, try blotting the stain. This will help absorb the stain into the towel instead of pushing it deeper—which makes it nearly impossible to remove.

Secret 2: Treat Your Carpets Like Clothing

If you spill grease on your favorite blouse, how would you treat it? Mothers for ages swear by sprinkling powder over the grease stain or by using grease-cutting dish detergent. Treat your carpets like you would your clothing by using the best method to get out those tough stains. Some ways to get tough stains out include: Carpet Cleaning Tips

  • Grease – Dish Detergent
  • Pen/Ink – Rubbing Alcohol or Hair Spray
  • Wine – Dish Detergent and Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Grass – Diluted White Vinegar
  • Gum – Freeze the Gum, Then Remove

For more tips on how to remove tough stains, click here.

Secret 3: Vacuum Frequently

Experts suggest vacuuming should be done twice a week to maintain a clean home. However, if you have pets or children, vacuuming more frequently may be needed to keep your home clean—especially in those high traffic areas. Vacuuming your carpets can remove dust, dander, dirt, and more—which could help your carpets lasting longer and can keep carpets from smelling.

Secret 4: Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaner

Would you wear the same pair of socks for six months without washing them? Chances are, you probably wouldn’t wear socks for several days in a row let alone six months. Your carpets should be treated similarly. While carpets do not need to be cleaned daily, you should give them a good scrub every six months to wash out dirt, grime, and dander that is missed with regular vacuuming.

Secret 5: Invest in Rugs

When you walk through your home, you are bringing in millions of microscopic pieces of dirt—which end up trapped in carpet fibers. Rugs help reduce the amount of dirt by trapping dust and dirt as soon as you walk through the door. We recommend a straw-like rug for the outside of your home and a softer rug for inside of the home. You could also place rugs in high traffic areas to help catch even more dirt. To clean rugs, simply take outside and shake, vacuum, or wash with soap and water.

Carpets Which Can’t Be Saved

Let’s face it, when pets and children run and play through your home, it takes a toll on your flooring—sometimes, it just can’t be saved. That’s where Speedy Floor Removal comes in. We are Florida’s floor removal experts who can provide dust-free carpet removal services throughout the North Central Florida are. If you’re carpets are done for and are ready to be replaced, call Speedy Floor Removal for dustless floor removal.


The Dangers of Dust Inhalation

Simply reading about dust inhalation makes you want to sneeze doesn’t it?

That reaction should come as no surprise, especially to those who are asthmatic or suffer from extreme allergies. It isn’t something that should be taken lightly as it can create lasting health issues for a number of different reasons. In this blog, we’ll highlight 3 dangers of dust inhalation and list preventative measures you can take to limit potential health problems caused by dust.

Dust Inhalation Can Trigger Asthma Symptoms

Dust allergies usually cause itchiness in the throat, watery eyes, wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath. Breathing in dust can cause these symptoms to worsen and lead to inflammation in the nose and throat. If you’re working in a dusty environment, it is important that you wear a disposable respirator in order to avoid dust inhalation. According to the American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology, exposure to dust while on the job, or “occupational asthma” effects an estimated 15% of Americans.

Dust Contains Bacteria and Fungi

Did you know that the average American household contains up to 7,000 types of dust-related bacteria and 2,000 species of fungi? Your carpet alone can contain up to 200,000 bacteria per square inch. That’s a lot of germs! The best way to limit these germs from multiplying (leading to hazardous dust inhalation) is to keep your carpets dry, vacuumed regularly and steam cleaned 1 – 2 times yearly.

Dust Contains Chemicals

When you see dust in your home, you probably don’t stop to think about what it is made of. While a lot of dust is simply tiny waste particles, there can be dangerous chemicals lurking in dust which can cause serious health issues.

Dust particles created from flooring, tile, and more can contain chemicals known as crystalline silica. According to the United States Department of Labor, “Silica dust is hazardous when very small (respirable) particles are inhaled. These respirable dust particles can penetrate deep into the lungs and cause disabling and sometimes fatal lung diseases, including silicosis and lung cancer, as well as kidney disease.”

Materials which create crystalline silica dust include:

  • Quartz
  • Stone
  • Rock
  • Sand
  • Brick
  • And many other materials found in your flooring!

How to Remove Dust When Removing Flooring

As you can see, there are many dangers of dust inhalation. If you are removing tile, hardwood flooring, or carpet, it is almost impossible to have a dustless floor removal unless you have the proper equipment. Luckily, if you are in Central Florida, you have Speedy Floor Removal. Our floor removal experts use state of the art equipment in homes and commercial properties to capture dust particles so you can breathe easier and healthier!

To learn more about our dustless floor removal services in Florida, simply give us a call or contact us online.



How Do I Clean Linoleum Flooring?

Linoleum flooring can be a cost-efficient option for families looking for a flooring change.

It’s versatile, fitting any room of your house. You can find linoleum flooring in a large number of patterns and colors. Pick out a type of linoleum that already matches your decorating to keep some extra money in your pocket in the end.

Once it’s installed, linoleum can be taken care of without much work. Here’s all you need to know about cleaning and maintaining your linoleum flooring:

Sweep or Vacuum Floor First

If you’re going to use a liquid product on the linoleum flooring, which is the best way to clean it, then you need to make sure that all dirt is off the floor. If not, the dirt already on the floor just gets spread out, and the floor doesn’t have the smooth, clean feeling that you’re looking for in the end.

Do this by vacuuming or sweeping the entire portion of the floor that you plan to clean.

Pick A Floor Cleaning Product

There are many products available to use as the cleaning solution for your floors. Go to your local store and search the cleaning aisle, but multiple companies produce a cleaning agent specifically for linoleum flooring.

However, pick one that you’re comfortable with and do some research before making that final decision. It should be a product or brand that you are comfortable with and willing to use on your floors.

Polish Your Linoleum Flooring

The cleaner you purchase will have instructions for how to create the solution needed to clean your floors, but it often involves mixing it with water. The water generally needs to be warm for cleaning product to mix better.

Once the solution is created, use a mop to spread it over the floor. Allow it to dry with as little foot traffic as possible, and your linoleum flooring will be clean and ready to show off!

If you’re ready for a change in your flooring, contact Speedy Floor Removal to experience our dust-free process that keeps your home clean while the floor is removed. Contact us at 352-415-2832 or send us a message from our website. We also offer free estimates and would love to provide one for you.


The Ultimate Guide to Economic Flooring

When you’re ready for a change in your home, seeking out economic flooring can be the way to do it on a budget. Homeowners can often be scared away from flooring changes because of prices, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

New flooring doesn’t have to be expensive. You can get a new look on the floor of your home by choosing from some economic flooring options that will turn heads while keeping money in your wallet.

Here are some examples of economic flooring that can provide the look you want without the expensive price:

Cork Flooring

Cork can give your floor a unique look. It’s made out of natural materials and has become more heavily used in the United States because of its environmentally friendly elements. The floor is naturally resistant to mildew, mold and termites, making it a healthier option of flooring that doesn’t off-gas like normal floors can when they are installed.

The most unique part of cork is that it gives a cushion under your feet. It won’t feel like you’re in a bounce house, but it is softer than normal hardwoods would be.

Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum is an option of economic flooring that can still provide an eye-catching look. It’s also a durable floor, lasting sometimes over 35 years if it is cared for properly. It’s a versatile type of floor that can have different looks, as opposed to the cork flooring which is mostly the same color.

Linoleum is a good flooring for rooms that can get water on the floor. Its water resistance makes it a good choice for bathrooms, kitchens and even laundry rooms. It can also go in high-traffic areas without wear concerns.

Laminate Flooring

If you don’t want to pay for hardwood flooring, laminate can provide a cheap option that still gives you the same look as wood. For as many hardwood choices as there are for homeowners, there are just as many laminate choices that look like wood. The chances are good that you’ll be able to find almost exactly what you’re looking for when you choose laminate.

The flooring can fit in any room of your house, whether you need something for the most high-traffic areas of the home or you want a wood-look for a bedroom. It’s also easy to install and keep clean throughout its life.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is another option for economic flooring. It has multiple looks that can perfectly match your home’s paint color or cabinets. It is widely viewed as the easiest type of flooring to clean. Wipe it with flooring care products regularly, and you’re done.

It’s also easy to install on your own, keeping even more money in your pocket after not having to pay someone for installation.

When you’re ready for new flooring, contact Speedy Floor Removal to give you a dust-free floor removal experience. Contact us at 352-415-2832 or send us a message from our website. We also offer free estimates and would love to provide one for you.


The Importance of Dust-Free Floor Removal

When it’s time to get your floors removed, dust-free floor removal is the ideal approach for your home or business. It can help you avoid the dust mess that can overtake your home while also keeping your family safe.

Dust Can Be Dangerous

Dust can contain residue from cleaning products. Some intake here and there can be a problem, but the problems increase when your floors are replaced if you don’t use a dust-free process. Having dust in your house isn’t always something that can be controlled. However, when floor removal is necessary, dust laying around the house can be spread all over if you aren’t using a dust-free approach.

Dust can be dangerous for people of all age ranges. It can impact those with allergies and asthma while producing itchy skins and eyes for others. Coughing, sinus issues and bronchial infections can also pop up from simply having too much dust in a house.

If flooring is removed without a dust-free approach, the amount of dust in the area can cause health problems for everyone in a house during and after the process.

Dust-Free Floor Removal Eliminates the Cleaning Bill

When flooring of any kind is removed, dust will be in the air unless you use a dust-free flooring company. It doesn’t matter how well you try to prepare, the dust will get into carpet, your air ducts and the fabric on your furniture.

This can cause further problems down the line. Every time you walk on the carpet, your steps will push dust into the air. The same thing will happen when you sit on any of the furniture. When you turn your air conditioning or heating on, the dust will come out through the ducts and disperse throughout the house.

At Speedy Floor Removal, we do the job right the first time. If there is any dust in your house after the process, we will pay for your cleaning bill when the job is through.

Residential or Commercial Removal

Whether you’re looking for dust-free floor removal for your home or your office, Speedy Floor Removal will do the job for your floor removal needs. The quality of work done on your floor removal will have an important impact on the next flooring that will be put in. Trust us to get the job done with floor removal that doesn’t need a cleaning service to follow it.

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New Carpet Smell: What You Need To Know

Your carpet can start to smell for many reasons. It can begin as a new carpet smell, starting right after the carpet is put down because of fumes from the installation process. As the carpet gets later in its life, it can get a musty smell that becomes repulsive to a home owner. The reason your carpet smells is often drawn back to how old it is.

Most carpet installation projects end with the same smell filling the room for days, sometimes weeks, after the project is over. The repulsive smell isn’t even the worst news. Those smells signal the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air. Here is what you need to know about VOCs, the best possible ways to limit them and other reasons your carpet begins to smell:

What are VOCs?

The VOCs are present in new carpet, carpet pads and adhesives, spreading through the air of your home after installation. They can include formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, benzene, toluene, perchloroethylene and others.

VOCs are the reason clients with new carpet can battle coughing, fatigue, headaches and shortness of breath, as well as eye, nose and throat irritation. They can contribute to immediate and long-term health issues for different people.

In carpets, 4-PC is the most frequently found VOC. It comes from the carpet backing, which is made of latex and used on approximately 95 percent of carpets. Over time, VOCs dilute and the strong smell goes away.

One alternative to dealing with VOCs comes in Green Label Plus carpet, which was developed by the Carpet and Rug Institute. This kind of carpet produces low emissions of VOCs and can help customers avoid the symptoms that come with inhaling VOCs.

Installation is Important to Limit New Carpet Smell

When you are having new carpet put in, ask the company installing it to unroll the carpet and allow it to air out in a clean, ventilated area for a few days before installation. Some carpet can even be tacked or nailed down, helping home owners avoid the new carpet smell that comes in the adhesives.

After the carpet is installed, be sure to ventilate the room as well as possible until the odor goes away. The Environmental Protection Agency advises 72 hours of ventilation after the carpet is installed. Open up windows in the room, turn fans to their highest setting and run the air conditioning to ventilate the room as much as possible. If possible, taking a quick vacation for a few days after the carpet is installed could also be a beneficial situation for the homeowner.

If carpet is being installed during a new construction or remodel, it’s best to wait as long as possible for the carpet to be put down. That keeps it from absorbing any more VOCs from paint or dirt tracked in that could be emitted later.

Other Reasons for Carpet Smell

If carpet isn’t maintained well throughout its lifespan, it can start to smell as it goes sustains normal wear and tear. The most common reason for a musty smell is water damage in carpet. Any water that gets on the carpet should be cleaned as soon as possible or it risks creating a long-term impact. Other problems can be dirt or even food that gets stuck in the carpet.

When you first notice the odor, it’s important to act and begin the cleaning process. You need to check the carpet and the pad beneath it to ensure the problem can be fixed.

Cleaning Can Help Limit Carpet Smell

After carpet is installed, keeping it clean throughout its lifespan is an important way to keep your home free from VOCs.

A household vacuum cleaner can limit some of the VOCs from becoming embedded in the carpet. The Carpet and Rug Institute invented a label that combines the standards of carpet cleaning effectiveness and indoor air quality into one platform, known as its Seal of Approval program. While deep dust and VOCs can get stuck in the carpet, vacuums with this seal are designed to clean out the harmful substances.

Besides vacuuming, here are some other tips to limit VOCs inside your home:

  • Increase ventilation by opening windows on opposite sides of the house for 10 minutes each day.
  • Get houseplants. Having plants inside of your home can help filter harmful chemicals from the air.
  • Take your shoes off when inside the house. Shoes can track in harmful particles.
  • Avoid using cleaning products that contain VOCs and could embed in the carpet

The Speedy Floor Removal team can help you avoid the frustration that comes with a floor replacement. We stand behind our advanced, dust-free technology so strongly that we’ll pay for your cleaning bill if there is any dust created. Feel free to request an estimate for our services.


How to Keep Your Carpets Clean

It’s the holiday season and for some that means an increased amount of entertaining guests. For people with carpeting, the thought of high foot traffic and possible spills on your warm and inviting flooring may cause your heart to beat a little faster. Don’t fear! We’ve compiled a list of the top three ways to keep your carpet looking fresh and stain-free. Carpet cleaning experts all agree – to keep your cozy floors long-lasting, time and effort are needed.

Here are three tips to help you keep your carpets clean:

  1. Dust and Vacuum Often – As soft and welcoming as your carpet does look, it is home to allergens and dust particles that collect in all of your living spaces. The more you neglect to dust and vacuum, the more dust bunnies and their small friends take up residence in your carpeted home. So stop the migration of unwanted guests and start small. One way that you can slowly change your routine and help your carpets last longer, is to focus on the high-traffic areas. These areas would be a great place to focus after entertaining guests for the night. But if the thought of dusting and vacuuming regularly is not appealing, consider asking for help. You could seek a flooring professional’s opinion on switching to a low-maintenance base like laminate and investing in a washable throw rug. Or you could hire a cleaning service, especially over the holiday season. In order to maintain great looking carpets, there’s work to be done.
  2. Treat Stains Quickly – Most stains are here today and gone tomorrow if your response time is swift. Whether from food or liquid, make sure to pick up the soiled area of any material and quickly spray with a stain remover. Don’t scrub! After reading the stain remover’s instructions, as different solutions may have differing information, blot the moisture away with an absorbent white cloth. Continue to do so until the stain no longer appears on the carpet. After the allotted time, use water to remove the solution with a dampened cloth. This is important because many solutions can leave a residue, which can then later attract dirt to its specific location. Also, remember to keep the liquid on the carpet to a minimum as excess moisture can cause damage to the carpet backing. After the area has been cleansed with water, do not let the carpet air dry. Depending on the type of carpet, this can cause unsightly rings. Instead use another absorbent cloth and cover the entire dampened area. Place a weighted object over the cloth, helping to ensure that the entire area is relieved of any lingering moisture. The next day, simply vacuum the specific area, and voilà, your area is completely restored.
  3. Leave it to The Pros – Hire a professional to give your carpets a good deep cleaning twice a year. Some carpet warranties actually require it, so you can bet it’s a great practice to keep those comfortable areas plush and radiant.

As one of the experts in the field, Speedy Floor Removal prides itself on delivering exceptional flooring for every home, while offering friendly customer service and advice. Please don’t hesitate to call our top-notch team with any question regarding your carpeting or other flooring needs. We’re here to help.

Happy Holidays from the team at Speedy Floor Removal!


A New Floor For The Holidays – The Easy Way

A New Floor For The Holidays

You have wanted a new floor for ages. What better time than the Holiday Season is there to show off your new look to friends and family?

I can hear the howls of protest already. Hire contractors, demolition, renovation…. Over The Holidays? You must be crazy!

Yet despite what seems like a very common sense response, this is actually the best time of year to have flooring work done. I’m going to qualify that statement a little, because as always, you need the right people.

What makes the right person? We all know this one: price and quality.

Price of a New Floor – The Holidays give you the best opportunity to negotiate from a strong position

Quality is a tough one and we’ll spend some time covering that topic a little later in this post. Price, however, is the easy part around the holiday season. Why? Because work is slow and schedules are flexible.

The general reluctance to do home renovation work over the season means jobs are coming in at half the normal speed, or even slower. On the other hand, your friendly flooring contractor still has bills to pay, employees to feed and let’s not forget, presents to buy.

When there is a wealth of work, your service provider has the luxury of picking the jobs he wants and a schedule that suits him. Days and hours are squeezed to maximize potential profit and the customer can sometimes be left holding the bag. Schedules stretch, days are added, estimates creep higher, details are dealt with quickly, if at all and clean-up becomes a nuisance keeping the team from going home.

On the other hand; when work is scarce, prices tend to go down and customer satisfaction becomes a front and center topic. Also, with an invoice due at job completion and the work calendar looking thin, your contractor is far less likely to be distracted by other jobs. He will be far more inclined on starting, finishing and successfully billing your job to top up the increasingly empty holiday coffers.

Then there are the actual workers. You can bet that more than any time of the year, these guys are looking to finish early and get paid quickly. To finish early, work tends to be done more efficiently and that means a little faster and a little better than normal. Remember, the entire team is likely thinking “I want to be paid quickly, so I need a happy customer the first time around”.

So, if you want new floors, but really want the work done more economically and efficiently, with the least potential for delays and disappointments, then do your floors over the holidays.

Quality – Having the job done right is still the key

I know I’ve spent a bit of time talking about price, but the first rule should be: It is not only about the money. Sure, you want a good deal and nobody wants to pay more necessary. However, different flooring contractors tend to possess different levels of skill and expertise. To further complicate matters, there are not only the manual skills required for the work, but also commercial skills that ensure the work is started on time, finished on time and done within budget.

The bad news is; the cheapest guy will NEVER be the best guy. The good news is; the best guy is rarely the most expensive. This is because best tends a combination of both manual and commercial skills, so your “best” guy is unlikely to price himself out of reasonable work. So do call around and get multiple estimates, just don’t choose the cheapest, rather choose the flooring contractor that makes you feel comfortable.

Now here’s the part you didn’t know. While common sense tells us the quality of the installation is the most important aspect in how your new flooring looks, most people don’t consider the old flooring. You should know that every square foot of tile floor removal you undertake could generate an incredible amount of noise, rubble and dust.

So while doing a good job putting the tile in is important, so is a plan that accounts for efficient and clean demolition of the old floor and a contractor that can take all of the dirt and dust with them. As importantly, the finished quality of work is entirely dependent upon the old floor removal and sub floor preparation before the new surface is installed.

A dirty, unlevel, or incorrectly prepared subfloor means a poorly installed new floor. Also, let’s get back to the dirt and dust thing, as remediation is also a time consuming part of the new floor installation process. You must keep in mind that for a tile floor, for example, removal can generate as much as 2-3 pounds of refuse up to one pound of that is dust.

Imagine, removing tile from a 2,000 square foot house could generate One Ton of dust. Sure, some can be swept up, but even so, cleaning will be a nightmare and a costly and time consuming nightmare at that. Dustless floor removal is imperative either for tile floor removal, wood floor removal and even vinyl floor removal, or carpet removal. You’ll never know what’s under your floor and you certainly don’t want it spread throughout the house.

My last piece of advice is: Investigate the Facts. Check with former clients to find how their project went. Ask for photos, or videos of finished projects. And if you can, visit a current job site and see for yourself how the contractor works. Is the job site neat, safe and conscientious? Are workers courteous and careful with the homeowner’s property? Is the dustless floor removal actually dustless?

So for quality’s sake, what you need is a contactor with a long list of qualified flooring installers that can finish the job cleanly, professionally, quickly and most importantly, someone that can take all of the dirt and dust with them.

The Benefits of Speedy Floor Removal

Speedy Floor Removal is not only ahead of the curve, it is the company that is building the road around the actual road corner. Speedy not only employs patented dustless floor removal techniques, tools and cutting-edge equipment, but staff is also highly trained specialists with in-depth knowledge. Combine this with a focus client support and high moral character and you have the ideal characteristics for a contractor that can do a job cleanly, quickly and inexpensively.

Check out some of Speedy Floor Removal’s Videos, or the reviews on Angie’s List where Speedy is a Super Service Award winner. See what they have to say about the Speedy team and then compare them to whomever else you might be considering.

Speedy is up to the challenge, and so is the new and improved way to remove and install floors! Now are you up to having those new floors for Christmas?